Fees and Billing


104    INITIAL/ FIRST CONSULTATION (current 2018)

Standard Fee $  200.00 - $250.00 (Medicare rebate applies*)
Aged Pensioner $  190.00 - $240.00 (Medicate rebate applies*)


Standard             $ 100.00 (Medicate rebate applies*)


You must obtain a letter of referral from a recognised medical practitioner. This is normally from either your local GP, or another specialist. Please be aware that whilst a physiotherapist can make a recommendation, this is not recognized by Medicare.

*Any medicare rebate is subject to a valid referral. Please note that a valid referral is required for the duration of your treatment. A referral from your GP is valid for 12 months. A specialist’s referral is only valid for 3 months. Please remember to check the validity of your referral for each appointment.


If you have a current WorkCover Claim, provided a valid claim number is supplied at the time of the appointment, we are happy to invoice WorkCover directly for your consultation. Without this, you will be required to pay a standard consultation fee and seek reimbursement.


In order for your claim to remain open, WorkCover require a valid medical certificate for the duration of your treatment. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to check the validity of your certificate at each appointment, and if required, request a continuation/new certificate during your consultation. Phone requests for certificates without an appointment will incur a fee of $15 (which is not covered by WorkCover!)


The Joint Space happily accepts Veteran Affair’s patients. Please provide your DVA File Number at the time of making your appointment. If necessary, we can organise transport for your appointment via the DVA Transport Scheme.


If a third party is funding your consultation, a letter of approval on letterhead - including relevant billing references and billing address details - must be supplied 24 hours prior to your consultation. Without this, you will be required to pay a standard consultation fee and seek reimbursement.


The Joint Space is a private Orthopaedic Practice. The decision to be treated as a private patient means there will be out-of-pocket fees associated with all aspects of your treatment - including your consultations, any diagnostic tests/investigations, and any surgery that is recommended to you.

How much these out-of-pocket fees are will depend on many factors...

    • The nature of surgery you require;
    • What surgical item number/s will be used;
    • Which healthfund you are in and what level of cover you have.

All of these factors will determine your out-of-pocket fees.

Once you have attended for a consultation and the suitable treatment options have been discussed, an estimate of your out-of-pocket fees will be provided to you.

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